• Bright Foods – Serving up Success
  • A powerhouse in food across China
  • We employ over 1,200 members of staff
  • Over 80 retail brands
  • Covering 30 product categories
  • Thousands of products
  • Products sourced globally, supplied locally
  • Highest quality standards
  • Leading suppliers from some of the best food producers

Our reach and presence has grown across the Asia Pacific region through innovation and customer satisfaction. This is reinforced by our leading position in the region, coupled with our global supply reach and partnership with Bright Foods, one of China’s largest food groups.



We are a diversified food group that operates across various
markets across the Asia Pacific region. With origins dating back
over 100 years, our brands and businesses continue to grow as we respond to the emerging trends in consumer tastes and innovation.

Our philosophy is to source the best products that meet consumer needs. We ensure the highest standards of quality by actively controlling every stage of the sales and supply process, from marketing to customer management to the supply chain.

Our group prides itself on a defining set of competitive advantages

• Our long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers

• Our ability to procure the best of global and local food products to meet consumer needs

• Our ability to beat our competition in all aspects of customer service