The SSCW division of Bright Foods focuses on being the best raw material supplier and food producer with core research and development capabilities in China’s food industry. It has become the largest integrated food group serving both domestic and international markets with total annual revenue sales of 22 billion RMB and is listed in China’s top 500 companies.

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Bright Food (Group) Co. Limited

The Bright Food Group is a large-scale food industry group based in Shanghai. The group specialises in modern agriculture, food processing, production and distribution, and has over 500 retail outlets in China via its NGS Supermarket division. With annual sales of 76 billion RMB, Bright Food also owns property and many other raw food material production plants around China. It has four companies listed on the China A-share market, which include Bright Dairy, Jingfeng Wine, Shanghai Maling and Shanghai Haibo.

The Group cooperates with several international brands. Its partners include companies like Nestle Shanghai Ltd, Associated British Foods plc, Coca-Cola (China) Beverages Ltd, Pepsi (Shanghai) Ltd, Danone Asia Pty Ltd, Zwilling J.A. Henkels International Ltd and Gillette Duracell China.

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Bright Food Group Holdings was founded in Shanghai in 1951 and is a part of the SSCW divisions, which is a state-owned enterprise group majoring in the food industry. It specialises in sugar, wine, speciality retail and retail distribution. The acquisition of our group by SSCW was heralded as the first 100 per cent offshore operation for the Bright Foods Group.